001 Hawaii

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I have a thing for AC units

Hawaii was pretty fun. I do enjoy travelling and despite not wanting to go initially for the reason of having too many tasks and responsibilities that would be left unfinished and not taken care of, it was a good way to break up the monotony that had become of my life.

We went to Honolulu. All of Honolulu lol. The island was interesting in that you could get from one side to the other in about 40-50 minutes yet each of the beaches had their own distinct qualities. We stayed in Waimanalo for the first half of the trip and it definitely had a homey vibe. We stayed with our friend Rick, his two dogs and one cat. It was a beutiful property complete with a koi pond, multiple fruit trees, optional outside shower, massive porch along the entire back of the house, grand staircase, lizards and plants of all sorts.

Best of all was the beach literal seconds from the house. I went on more than one moonlit stroll along the shore each bringing an unhealthy amount of ideas and thoughts. The moon reflected off the calm but never still waves, the sand warm from the day and soft to the touch sifting through your toes and the smell of fresh rainfall coming from the mountains off in the distance.

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I only regret not taking more pictures instead of lazing around.

The lazing around was a big part of this trip for me lmao. Ask anybody I spend any amount of time with and they’ll tell you how lethargic I am on a regular. Hawaii was perfect for this. The heat combined with the fact that I only own one pair of shorts (that I bought specifically for this vacation) meant I had to stay out fo the sun, immobile and spread open to avoid sweating to death. If I didn’t have such a low tolerance to higher temperatures I think it would be an ideal place to live. There were a whole bunch of light showers amongst heavier rainfalls but the locals didn’t seem too bothered by the former, actively continuing about their outdoor activities as though nothing was happening. The scenery because of it was spectacular though. Lush greens anywhere you could look, the roads washed clean and


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